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Every tooth is a living part of your entire body. Like a gear in a watch, every one of these little guys is an intricate part of the complex human machine. Contemporary dentistry no longer looks at your teeth as separate entities, but part of your entire functioning system. Obviously, your teeth affects your general health, and your health affects the well being of your teeth as well. It is important as a holistic dentist to know the workings of the human body to deliver good quality dentistry.

Our aim is to give you high quality practical holistic dentistry. We only recommend dental treatment that works long term, and is healthy for you. YOUR peace of mind is OUR peace of mind.

Don’t like fluoride? No problem. Try our non-fluoridated herbal teeth clean option at your next check up and clean. A specially formulated polishing paste based on natural ingredients such as green tea, goji berries and ginseng that’s good for your teeth and gums that actually tastes good.

Apart from being a qualified practicing dentist in Bondi Junction with 20 years’ experience, Dr. Fung has certification in medical acupuncture, and training in postural cranial connections and other health related studies. Dr. Fung regularly holds meditation and martial art workshops in Sydney, as well as Hong Kong, Singapore and United States to promote healthy mind and body.

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Holistic Approach

Every tooth is a living part of your entire body. Like a gear in a wat...

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